Drag Him To The Roof

Added: 27.02.2008
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They keep looking through the window - a cathode glaze across their eyes. Now that I´ve been betrayed, I must be well behaved...I´ll drink corruption with their lies.

Why was I hiding out´ What am I running from´ Why are they waiting´ Have I always been the choosen one´

Drag him to the roof; just push me over. I´ve got no better place to be. Drag hime to the roof, let´s get it over...it´s a perfect day to punish me.

I wish that lady would defend me. I can´t abide by all the laws. I´ll but the magistrate, can´t be a second late...Ianxiously await his call.

Who made this jigsaw puzzle´ Who´ll put the pieces back´ Who´ll come and get me when I have fallen through the cracks´

Drag him to the roof; just push me over. I´ve got no better place to be...drag him to the roof; let´s get it over.

It´s a perfect day to punish me.

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