We're All Alone

Added: 12.01.2008
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Description / lyrics

Ki wo yurushite warau koto ga
Deki naku natta no wa
Shinjiru koto wo osorete iru kara

Ningen wa mina hitori dakara
Sakai no nai jiyuu na sekai mezashi
Fumidasu no

Dare ka to sugosu atsui yoru wa
Kanarazu tsumetai asa ga matte iru
Kekkyoku hitori da

Ningen wa mina hitori dakara
Yami wo kakiwake tomoni aruku hito
Motomeru We're all alone, all alone

Close the window calm the light
And it will be all right,
no need to bother now
Tomoni aruku hito motome tsudukeru
We're all alone

Ningen wa mina hitori dakara
Sakai no nai jiyuu na sekai mezashi
Futari de yukeba
Todoku yo

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