The Thing I Like

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Hmmm 1993
Yo Liyah why don´t you do me a favour
Why don´t you let all of the fellas out there know
That they got a thing that you like, yeah
Here we go, here we go, here we go

You´ve got that thing I like

Boy you know just what to do
When it comes down to lovin´ me
That is why I´m into you
Cause we´ve got a love that´s guaranteed
I got to let you know just how I feel
Cause I never felt like this before
And when you touch me where you touch me
When you call my name
I get a little weak, cause boy you´ve got that thing

I´m so glad we got together
Cause I´ve been jockin´ you for so long
And it seems that you feel the same about me
How could something like this feel so strong
Something about the way you smile at me
It takes away my worries and my doubts
And when you kiss me wher you kiss me
When you call my name
I get a little weak, cause boy you´ve got that thing

R Kelly won´t you rap for me

Mmm-wa here´s a little kiss for you honey dip
Now I know you got a thing for me
Mmmm. Here´s my number so call me
And we can get together and catch a movie
I like the things you like about me
It´s good to know we got something in common see
So if lovin´ you´s wrong I don´t wanna be right
Because you got the thing that I like, I´m our

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