Slow Train To Dawn

Added: 16.07.2008
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I followed that bead of sweat,
to the small of your back,
from the nape of your neck,
Lightin´ it up, with every drag upon my cigarette.

It can run, but it can´t hide--
Like the unspoken feelings on your mind.
I´m too tense to be tender,
your too weak to be true.
You try to make it easier upon yourself,
By makin´ it hard on you!
but it´s the lies in your eyes
that make me wanna cry--
It´s just sometimes I get so lonesome
--I could die.

I´m just another western guy,
with desires that I can´t satisfy
So all the love I gave to you
Means nothing at all.
Dear God, God, God, this slow train to dawn.

So are you lying when you say you love me.
I´m lying when I say I don´t--
We´ve opened our hearts to let each other look in,
To have and to hold,
but it´s the words that remain unsaid,
that are the words I wanna hear you speak,
I bet the birds start singing, & the sun comes up,
before we fall asleep--

Oh the tears in your eyes, just make me wanna cry,
It´s just sometimes I get so lonesome--I Could Die!!

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