Life, in A Nutshell

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Words & Music by Steven Page & Ed Robertson

When she was three
Her barbies always did it on the first date
Now she´s with me,
There´s never any need for them to demonstrate
She´s like a baby, I´m like a cat;
When we are happy, we both get fat and still
it´s never enough, it´s never enough,
it´s never enough

But I don´t tend to worry about the things that other people say,
And I´m learning that I wouldn´t want it any other way
Call me crazy, but it really doesn´t matter
All that matters to me is she

Her life, in a nutshell
No way would she want it to change me
it´s not that easy ´cause
My time is often decided for me
For me

She memorized every pencil crayon colour in the box
Her blue-green eyes complement the burn sienna in her locks
She´s at the movies, I´m on the phone;
When we´re separated, we´re never alone, but still
it´s never enough, it´s never enough,
No it´s never enough


I fell down
With no one there to catch me from falling
Then she came ´round
And only her tenderness stopped me from bawling my eyes out
I´m OK
And that´s why
Her life, in a nutshell ...

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