the diss song to:hakeem Jabbarr

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Description / lyrics
+Chrous 1:
This is the diss song to Hakeem Jabbarr to bad the stank and needs to get a life cause not even a dog will come near him.oh oh oh

Verse 1:
I know the boy is that is wack cause the boy can´t even smell himself and know to take a bath.

Chrouse 2:
this is the diss song to Hakeem Jabbarr
and it´s to bad nobody will even go that far or even near the boy.

Verse 2:
When i liked you i must of had a case of Hakeemia cause your nothing but a schemo don´t even think your neom,with the lucky fin.

Chrouse 3:
This is the diss song to hakeem jabarr to bad he won´t even go as far to take a bath cause it´s hard to laugh but you to may get a case of hakeemia

Verse 3:
Boy don´t you ever SHOUT YOUR MOUTH cause we don´t wnna hear you no more.
Hakeem when I liked you I thought you were cool but instead you were a fool and now that why I´m writing this ohhhh.

Chrouse 4:
This is diss song to Hakeem Jabbarr and now I hope your happy now cause you your so cool but instead your a fool so get and this song is for you.

Verse 4:
This song is for you so now you can say anything you want cause i don´t care if write a rap back to this song cause you are nothing but a jerk and and now you can smirk cause i tryed to be nice and you can say anthing you want cause now you can leave me alone and leave you lone to.but we can be friends BUT NOW !!!!!

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