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i love us both but i don´t feel good
so i keep pulling over
and looking under
the hood
i love us both but i´m at wit´s end
where does your compromise begin
and mine end´
i love us both but what
world´s it gonna be´
the one according to you
or the one according to me´

i don´t feel good so ...
now do my problems include
talks with doctors who don´t even understand
about food´
i think in ancient china they kinda
figured out how the body works
but our culture is just a roughneck
teenage jerk
with a bottle of pills
and a bottle of booze
and a full round of ammunition
and nothing to lose

and is it really the best we can do
to arm wrestle over whose world it´s gonna be´
(the one according to you
or the one according to me)

i love us both and i´ll see ya
if you´ll see me
so ... who are we´

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