Battlestar Abigor

Added: 26.01.2009
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A fallout force ? a fatal vision
Battlestar Abigor
Decolour the universe in its purest shape
Give birth to the constant of death
Immortality and departure of the eternal stardust
Reveal the eye of the phantom throne?
Passage from another universe
Into the 7th dimension
Distortion and microcosmical revelation
Corrosive devastating fire ? the rage takes us higher
Analyzed is now your mind
Neutralized the human kind
Battlestar Abigor ? alignment of Satan
Battlestar Abigor ? like a planet that explodes
For this is the dawn of the new age
Refuse unknown ? glory to be shown
Electromechanical precision
Objects termination
Our legions are armed ? mass murder, art
Collective homicide ? fear worldwide
We?re the kings of starlight
The beast that tore from inside
Our legions are armed ? mass murder, art
Collective homicide ? fear worldwide
Life?s pain has come to an end
So face the demon unchained
And visualize fortress hell

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