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another lonely seaside town
where the seasons closed it down.
but if you close your eyes
you can almost hear the sounds of crowds gone by.

another year you´ll all be here
falling in love and watching sunsets and sunrises.
it´ll be grand and just what you planned
´til tomorrow comes and you´ve said your last goodbyes.
he says he´ll write, but he won´t write
and you will waste your time
so stay the fuck home and greet everyone with goodbye.

on this lonely winter´s day
while all the crowds were still away
I realized the attraction
to temporary miles and holidays.

boardwalk dreams all boarded up
another souvenir made to be broken.
chasing the sun isn´t my kind of fun.
I´d rather sit and catch snowflakes on my tongue.
when summers gone I won´t be sad
as you cling on to all the good times that you´ve had
´cause being alone isn´t really all that bad.

don´t ever tell anyone anything
or else you´ll wind up missing everybody.
don´t ever tell anyone anything.

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