Cherry Pie (I Need a Freak)

Added: 03.05.2008
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Description / lyrics

I need a bitch, a special bitch
I need a bitch who pussy poppin´ booty switch
I need a bitch, felatio
On the freeway with my pedal to the flo´
I need a bitch, like cheery pie
I need a bitch like Billy Bill need a eye
I need a bitch, an alcoholic
I need a bitch pukin´, bent over my toilet
The bitchy bitch, bitchin´ about nothin´
I need a bitch to jizm in her bellybutton
I need a bitch, a prostitute
She´d fuck my homies and we could split the loot

I need my cheery pie
Baby I want you, baby I want my cherry pie
Baby I want you, baby I need my cherry pie
Baby I want you, baby gimme my cherry pie
Baby I want you, my cherry cherry pie

I need a bitch, fresh out the pen
I need a bitch like Harland Williams need a chin
I need a bitch, a mental case
She cuts me cheap and shoots us both in the face
I need a hoe, to use me for my money
I need a bitch like Chris Candido needed Sunny
I need a freak like cherry pie
Like whipped cream and lemon che-che-cherry pie
I need a woman , to let me hit it
In the bushes raw at the herpe clinic
I need a bitch, who like to fight
And get her nose ring ripped out like every night

I need a bitch in a cheap hotel
So I don´t know which one to blame for the smell
I need a bitch, that doesn´t care
She like to finger fuck her booty in the mirror
Cherry pie, my cherry pie
Cherry pie with lemon jell-o cherry pie
I need a bitch hurricanranna
A bitch who suck on dick like eminem mama
I need a bitch, I need a slut
I need a bitch who like bananas in her butt
I need a bitch now more than ever
I need a bitch who gots a head that I can sever
I need my cherry pie

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