A Love Economy

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Description / lyrics
To stop my brain from turning round

My heart is filling up with dread
I have lost you and I know it now
The waters rising in my chest
I'm becoming it
I'm becoming new

Send the secret back to me my love
I need to know now petal
Are you there
Aching under your
Bedclothes and postcards

So this
This is what we've done to us
Killed the newness
With shit excuses
Words are knives
And everything is dead to knives
So I'll make my money
And I'll buy me love anew

No human cares for anything
It's economical
In a love economy
To cut a loss
To manage damages
I'm economical
I'm a love economy

I'm the winner
I'm not a winner
You're the killer
Or am I the killer

I'm a number and I'm a liar
I'm the killer, I set the fire

I won't get it back to you
My hurt
I can't afford it
I won't get it back to you
My hurt
I can't afford a ticket
You won't get it back to me
My heart
You can't afford to ship it
You won't get it back to me
My heart

Ooh Ooh Ooooooh

I won't get it back from you
My heart is sold.

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