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I´m warm when i´m cold
I´m cold when i´m warm
And nothing seems to be alright
I´m down on my knees
And i´m easy to please
When i think ´bout what i did last night

When you told me to share
And ran my fingers thru my hair
Infinity´ yes i do!
But when i cry in your arms
Or dress up in my charm
I´m not the one sayin´ "i love you"

Yeah life is a bomb
And it hits so hard
It will bring out the tears from my eyes
Yeah love is a drag
Yes it can be that bad
When at the end of the rope is your dad

I´m not the one who loved you
I´m the one who left you behind
Fedex my life
Ex-file and access denied

You out me up on a stand
And read the palm of my hand
What makes you think you know what i´ve
Been through´
All the phonies and the gold
Are you scared of gettin´ old´
Welcome to planet fuckin´ deja-vu

I´m the one

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