Lonely Daze

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Oh Oh....
Can We Try...

Can we try to make up for the Lonely daze´
I love you baby come what may
Tonight I´m gonna make you stay

Sit back relax your mind your dinner is waiting
The more I see you girl my heart beat is pacing
New lovers mentally we knew what we were thinking
No waiting all night long let´s start the love making
Can we try....

(Cause I love you)
(I´m gonna make you stay)
(Can we try)

One chance is all I need to have you forever
I´ll wait forever girl until the 12th of never
If I could do it all I´d carry your baby...nine months long
But I´m a man no doubt Darlin´
And you are my lady

(Can we try)
(To make up for the lonely daze)
(I´m gonna make you stay)
(all the things I wanna do to you baby)

I´m tryin to figure out
what this love thing is all about
Can we be as one
Help me to know your so fine baby be mine
I wanna tell you girl
It´s you love I only seek
It´s the one that´s meant for G´
Baby I´m sorry please stay don´t you leave
(Stay don´t u leave me)

(Cause i want u baby)
(Anything i´ve done i´m sorry)
(I´ll climb a moutain,Swim a shore)
(Anything you want from me)
(i´ll give you that & much much more)
(Yes i will baby)
(Come on)
(If you want I´ll kiss the ground that you walk on)
(Cause that´s just how much I love you)
(All I ever wanted to do is make you happy baby)
(Tonight I want you by my side)

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