Rocker Girl

Added: 21.01.2008
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Description / lyrics
I went downtown just to see
if there was a rocker boy made for me.
Tight pants and long brown permed hair.
Preferably zebra striped underwear.
He´s gonna rock my world.
Be his rocker girl.
Gonna be his rocker girl.

I love the way that he gives all the guys shiners
´Cause it sort of matches my blue eyeliner.
He´s so tough, he´s so cute, he´s a regular dream.
He looks so good in his acid washed denim jeans.

He´s gonna rock my world
Be his rocker girl.
He will know all the good movies.
He´ll know just how to rock it to me.
He´ll be so romantic and that
he´ll know every word to Spinal Tap.
And I´ll be his rocker girl... 2 3 4.

If he was Russian, he would be the Kremlin.
If he was a rock star, he would be Led Zeppelin.
If he was a month he would be oh say May or June.
If he was underwear he would be Fruit of the Loom.

He´s gonna rock my world
Be his rocker girl.
Gonna be his rocker girl.
Gonna be his rocker girl.

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