Rip It Out

Added: 11.03.2010
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Description / lyrics
Now I know, you´ve been cheatin´ and lyin´ all the time
I didn´t know you were gonna be so unkind
I´ve been trying just to find out how we went wrong
But I know that I can´t trust you girl anymore

Rip it out, take my heart, you wanted it from the start
You got it now, so goodbye, so rip it out, watch me cry

It´s so sad, I´m not glad to be with you today
And it´s bad, ´cos I can´t stop the pain day by day
If I knew how to stop you, I don´t think I´d try
I think it´s better if we just part and don´t say goodbye


I hope you suffer!

chorus repeats 2x

Rip it out (repeats out)


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