Just Came To Pieces In My Hand

Added: 25.03.2010
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I stood as tall as a mountain, I never really thought about the drop;
I trod over rocks to get there, so that I could stand on top;
Clumsy and blind I stumbled, as I crawled through desert sands;
I didn´t stop to think about the consequences -
As it came to pieces in my hands.

I thought I was a maritime marvel, I believed that I ruled the waves;
All I could say is time is motion, and every effort others made
I would save;
I was a shit stained statue, school children would stand in awe;
Truly believed I was a ceiling of sky,
Never thought about having flaws.

I felt as reverent as Jesus, the sanctimony stunk;
I thought I was admiral of the missing fleet, I couldn´t see that
I was sunk;
I roared my pride in the darkness, I scratched away at the stars;
I thought I was lord of this crappy jungle, I should have been
put behind bars.

But now I sit with my head in my hands and wail to the weeping wall;
The avalanche of my emotions, holds the audience of one enthralled;
Like learning the lesson the hard way, like a fall from command;
I thought I was king of the whole wide world, but it
Just came to pieces in my hands.

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