What Will Baby Be

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Description / lyrics
A young couple marries, already fighting
Along comes baby makin´ them three
Trouble´s all he hears from the time he´s in didies
Baby don´t know just what to believe
Angry words and spiteful actions
Baby´s gonna cut his teeth on these
If that´s gonna be the main attraction
What will the baby be, what will baby be
Baby needs love and needs direction
Baby´s first school is the family
For they are only a reflection
Of the things they see, what will baby be


What will baby be after baby is grown
What will baby do if baby don´t know what´s right or wrong
Got to show them love, got to teach them truth
´cause what baby is when baby grows up
Well, that depends entirely on me and you
Depends entirely on me and you

Baby thinks god is just a curse word
Never said a prayer ´cause he´s never been taught
They remember and repeat what they´ve heard
So i ask who´s really at fault

So many questions, so few answers
So many lessons we don´t teach
Stumbling through like clumsy dancers
What will baby be, what will baby be

2nd chorus:

What will baby be after baby is grown
What will baby do when baby is out there on his own
Teach the children how to be all they should be
´cause what baby is when baby grows up
Depends entirely on you and me
Depends entirely on you and me
What will baby be

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