Why Hurt The One Who Loves You?

Added: 17.11.2008
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If you really love me, and you say that you do
If you´re thinking of me, like you know I think of you
Why hurt the one who loves you´
If you ever leave me, and you say that you will
Then why deceive me, is it just for a thrill´
Why hurt the one who loves you´

You hardly know I´m around, and I need you more and more
I beg you please stay with me and you walk out the door

Why hurt the one who loves you´
Have you got nothing better to do´
Why hurt the one who loves you
When you know I don´t want to hurt you´

When your new love leaves you, and you want me back again
When you really need me, and you want me for a friend
I´ll walk away from you, and darling when I do
You´ll wonder why, why
Why, why, why hurt the one who loves you´

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