Say Hello Wave Goodbye

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Standing in the door of the Pink Flamingo
Crying in the rain
It was a kind of so so love
And I´m going to make sure it never
Happens again
You and I
It had to be
The standing joke of the year
You were a sleep around
A lost and found
And not for me I fear

I tried to make it work
You in a cocktail skirt
And me in a suit
(Well it just wasn´t me)
You´re used to wearing less
And now you´re life´s a mess
So insecure you see
I put up with all the scenes
And this is one scene
That´s going to be played my way

Take your hands off me
I don´t belong to you, you see
Take a look at my face
For the last time
I never knew you
You never knew me
Say hello Goodbye
Say hello wave goodbye

Under the deep red light
I can see the makeup sliding down
Hey little girl you will always make up
So take off that unbecoming frown
What about me- well
I´ll find someone
That´s not going cheap in the sales
A nice little housewife
Who´ll give me a steady life
And won´t keep going off the rails


We´ve been involved
For quite a while now
And to keep you secret has been hell
We´re strangers meeting for the first time O.K.´
Just smile and say hello
Say hello then wave goodbye


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