Raised Up Family

Added: 10.12.2008
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(James Taylor)

I was raised up family
Man I´m glad I´m on my own
I was raised up family
Man I´m glad I´m on my own
I mean, God bless the child
That can learn to live alone, yeah

thinking about about my cousin
What it was that did him in
Could it have been that whiskey
Rotgut, bootleg, bathtub gin
It´s like it took a lot of liquor
Just to let him live in his own skin

Back in Raleigh, North Carolina
You got to ride it on back
In Raleigh, North Carolina

The ship set down on the shore
Of this uncharted desert island
Me and my people fanned out
I guess we settled down a little while
Ah, but the devil came with the dark days of winter
Man the children ran wild

I used to know why
No I don´t know why anymore
I used to know why
No I don´t know why no more

I get to wonder at the Kundalini thunder
Down under my floor

You got to ride it on back
Take me back
Back in Raleigh, North Carolina
Yeah, do you wanna go
Way back in Raleigh, North Carolina

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