Drowning In The Sea Of Love

Added: 21.11.2008
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Description / lyrics
I´m drowning in the sea of love

I never could control you
I only wait around for you to land
I have no say, in what you decide
>From that first day I saw you
All sense of reason left me
You´ll never know how you cut me inside
All the days I´ve ever known
I´ve watched you come and go
But when the tide runs high
You wonder what the world is coming to

I´m drowning in the sea of love
I´ve fallen from the stars above
Now I´m drowning in the sea of love

Feels like the longest winter
Feels like it´s never ever gonna end
Feels like I´ve lost, my will to defend
I can´t remember summer,
I don´t believe in rainbows anymore
Since you cut the love on which I depend
All the days I´ve ever known
I´ve fought to stem the flow
But when the tide runs high
You wonder what, your world is coming to

All my trials have left my soul addicted to you
It´s not my style to give up. But what more can I do

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