Clock Strikes Ten

Added: 17.07.2009
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Description / lyrics
Clock strikes ten it´s a Saturday night
Got money in my pocket and it feels allright
Not stayin´ home gonna stay out late
Gotta hear some rockin´ music and it feels just great

Clock strikes twelve on a Saturday night
All the creeps are sleepin´ all the cools in sight
All the kings and queens, they´re out tonight
Lookin´ for some action ´til I feel allright

Imagine what we´re doin´ tonight
You really got me goin´ tonight
Imagine what we´re doin´ tonight
I´m crazy for some action tonight

Clock strikes two out all night
All my money´s spent but that´s allright
Not goin´ home gonna stay out late
Get ready for some action want some action tonight

(Repeat 3)

Clock stikes four I want some more
Everybody´s layin´ on the floor
Not goin´ home gonna stay out late
Gotta hear that rockin´ music it feels allright

(Repeat 3)

Gonna get down
Gonna get on down
Gonna get down
Gonna get on down

(Repeat 6 three times)

(drum solo)

(Repeat 6 four times)

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