His Wife Refused

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Description / lyrics
A great big house- with nothing in it
He comes home says "now wait a minute"
He´s comin´ in she´s goin´ out
He turns around says, "what´s that about´"

Do what they like, the kid´s in school
Think she don´t know, now, who´s kidding who´
He turns around says "who wants to know´"
Open the door and there´s nobody home!

Go ahead- fill their heads
Go ahead- fill their heads with poison
Take a look- these people are savages!
Take a look- at their misfortune

I´m goin up i got a message
I´m gonna wait till i close the door
I´m gonna wrap, myself in blankets
I´m gonna, roll out, across the floor

Well the bride bride and the groom
Run in a circle around their house
They´re goin´ out they´re comin´ in
Inside a circle around their house

These shoes don´t fit- this tie don´t match
I´m gonna throw it away when i get home.
I´m turned around i´m doin´ my best
I´m gonna wait until the light comes on.

Yes he´s the king and she´s the queen
Run in a circle around their house.
Open the door and let them in
Inside a circle around their house.

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