Lost Horizon

Added: 04.12.2008
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Description / lyrics
Now I guess it´s too late to speculate
On things as they might have been
That given the time, you´d read my mind
And know there was love within
I could loudly exclaim we felt the same
But not in all honesty
Now you´ll never know
How could you know the friend that you had in me

I´ve got so much to learn now
Lessons I never had
When you lose a friend forever
Hurts so bad
Ooh it hurt me so bad

I had always believed that you and me
Were connected by destiny
But the time never came
It sounds so lame
Is it all just my vanity´
Am I the only one to feel the sun
Exactly the way I do´
When you sang how you felt I´d tell myself
Maybe someday I´ll sing with you

I´ve got so much to hope for
Dreams that I´ve never had
When you´ve got no one to share them
Hurts so bad
Ooh it hurt me so bad

I have an ideal I think is real
But I just can´t find it
I believe that one day
I´ll melt away into that lost horizon

Ooh it hurt me so bad
That you had an ideal you knew was real
And you went out to find it
And you found it one day
You´ve gone to stay into that lost horizon

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