One Fine Automobile

Added: 12.10.2009
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Description / lyrics
They think that all they´re doing is alright
And all we´re doing is wrong
But now the gavel´s coming down on our head
For far too long
You know I think so...

Sometimes I get so out of it
I get so down on myself
And that´s wrong
´Specially after the price was paid
For me let me tell you ´bout it...

How sometimes I wallow in it
I should it keeps a smile on my face
And that´s good
But I´m going all the way home
And now I´m gonna show my soul
To all that is in between

So on this sabbath
The wierdest person in all of Christendom
Is getting down on his knees
To say thanks to the brothers and sisters
To show them all he´s seen
And to say thanks to them for
Keeping the smile on his face that would
Bring a politician to his knees...

The point is moot
I get the car
(repeat 3 or 4 times...)

So the joy I´m talking about
Is well worth shouting about
But it sets ´em off makes ´em turn around
And walk the other way but I gotta thank You
For keeping the smile on my face
While the other one has turned
His back to run away...

The point is moot
I get the car
(repeat 4 times...)

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