Crazy About Her

Added: 18.04.2010
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Description / lyrics
I walk the streets at night
until the morning light comes shining through
Can´t get a good night´s sleep
Ain´t been to work in weeks
What am I gonna do
Help me

Can´t get her off my mind
I´m drinking too much wine
I´m burning up inside
If I could touch her face
or take her out some place I´d be satisfied

Hey, I´m a loaded gun
I´m crazy about her, crazy about her
Hey, I´m a lovesick son
I´m crazy about her

I see her jogging in Central Park
with one of them Walkman´s on her head.
She was hot, young, beautiful
and I said to myself
She´s destined to be mine

I see her every day
in rush hour or subway, in a grocery store
She don´t notice me,
I might as well just be a cockroach on the floor

If she belonged to me I´d give her everything
I´d never cheat or lie
I´d treat her with respect, not just a sex object
I ain´t that kind of guy

Hey, I´m a loaded gun
I´m crazy about her, crazy about her
Hey, I´m a lovesick son
I´m crazy about her

I was standing outside the Met one day
when she drove by in a black Corvette
I said Hey baby
I could´ve died, she looked straight through me
But I know she´s destined to be mine

Every night I stand around her door and wait for her to come by
She lives in one of those brown-stones with the guard outside
and the limousines and the Rolls Royces coming and going

My friends all say she´s way outta my class
but I know if she´d just get know me
I could give her something all those rich guy ain´t got

Ain´t gonna bide my time ain´t gonna stand in line
Somebody gonna get burned
But, oh the problem is I think my loves at risk
She´s the boss´s girl
Oh no

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