Ice Creaks

Added: 21.12.2008
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Description / lyrics
You wish the stars to dampen out

And you wet your eyes as you stare em´ down from the SKY!!!

You always said that blues can´t fade.

"Colors just aren´t the same as in your HEAD."

Your sighs cried out to be shut-eyed.

Dark and quiet.

How the days come to end in night.

Dark and Quiet

How the days come to end in night

Come to me!


Your arms.......will send the night away.

Your tongue....will tie the night astray.

Your eyes........will see this night away.

And I will not have the strength to stay awake.

Tonight, believe.

There´s no time to tell, how time will tell.

And believe the ICE-CREAKS of dusk lull love.

Wait to be notice,

To come into focus,


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