Snake Eye

Added: 07.08.2009
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Description / lyrics
You paint a picture
So it´s plain to see
Ain´t no hiding
No security
I´ll be watching
Every move you make
When you hear the rattle
Better be awake

Snake eyes, i´m watching
Snake eyes, look out
Snake eyes, it´s coming
Snake eyes, ain´t no escaping from the snake eye
(no way)

You leave a footprint
For my eye to see
Catch an echo
From a lock and key
From the shadow
Or behind a rock
Get you anywhere
From the darkest shack


Hear a rustle
From behind a tree
Get you running
Home to sanctuary
Bolt the door and -
You think you´re safe
I´m coming to get you
Gonna reach out (???)


Got the snake eyes, they call me a snake in the bush
Snake eyes, biting
Snake eyes, always watching
Snake eyes

Ain´t no escaping from the -
Just keep a lookout for the -
Snake eye

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