Love To Me Is Sin

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Description / lyrics
Hey baby won´t you give me away
Friedns tell me you´re an easy lay
Don´t fight back bitch, ´cuz you know I´m gonna win
It´s cold outside, so let me in
So you think you´re gonna get away
I just got one thing to say
Gonna like what I give you, gonna like it bad
Don´t like what I give you, gonna make me mad
Adam and his apple
Billy and his Gin
Love to me is sin
Poor little gutter girl all alone
Wandering the streets without a home
She´ll sleep in the street
She´ll sleep in the trash
Anything for a little cash
Easy to find,
Just follow the stench
On the ground, or on a park bench
At the show she´ll sleaze around
She is the smelliest bitch in town
(Repeat chorus)
I had a dream, I was this big
I crawled into your ned
And did a little jig
I played it cool, I made a wish
And I woke up
My whole body smelled like!
(Repeat first verse and chorus)
I had a dream, I grew in size
I was smashing people
Just like they were flies
I played it cool, I made a wish
And when I woke up
My whole body smelled like!

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