The Old Pilot

Added: 06.03.2010
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Description / lyrics
Hold me until I die, friend,
Hold me until I die.
As his airplane lay burning the Old pilot sighed,
Just hold me until I die.
I´ve lived a wonderful life, friend,
So please, please don´t you cry.
The Old Pilot leaned back and looked to the sky,
Just hold me until I die.

She hid a tear as she held him,
And smiled when she looked in his.
Now don´t be foolish, I won´t let you die.
Be quite and you´ll be fine.
As the burning flames dwindled and smoldered away,
On the Old Pilot´s faithfull old bird.
Just like a good soldier, he did obey
and never again spoke a word.


Hold me until I die, friend,
Hold me until I die.
Sometimes she whispers and looks to the sky.
"Just hold me until I die."

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