No Rhyme, No Reason

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Description / lyrics
This fading light must be playing a trick on me
How did you walk across the room and change the world I see
I lost my breath, lost my sight
And the room began to sway
I look at you, oh, you leave me nothing to say

Ain´t no rhyme, ain´t no reason
It´s just a mystery
Ain´t no rhyme, ain´t no reason
For what you do to me

This kind of thing was not supposed to happen to me
All the walls I built up came apart so easily
Some kind of spell that I can´t shake
Got a hold on me
Now, I don´t know if I ever want to be free


Oh, I´m falling into the mist
And I´m face to face with a life of emptiness
Oh, I want to run, but I can´t move
Don´t want to give in, but there´s nothing that I can do

I lay awake, and try to sort out what is true
I close my eyes, but all I see is you
I´m like a ghost, I´m like a shadow
And I can´t go home
You shake the ground, hey, that I´m standing on


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