Finer Feelings

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Description / lyrics
The finer feelings, the finer feelings

You can´t give to me
Anything I couldn´t get for myself
I have needs as much as any man
And I understand the feelings well

I can still have a true heart
With a free mind
A good life With a good time

CHORUS: But what is love
Without the finer feelings
It´s just sex
Without the sexual healing
Passion dies
Without some tender meanings
It ain´t love
Without the finer feelings

I get passionate
Just like you
But I have a little self-control
You just show your selfish attitude
Your emotion leaves me cold

I can still have a true heart
With a free mind
A good life With a good time


The finer, the finer
The finer feelings

(I can still have a true heart) it ain´t love
(With a free mind) it ain´t love
(A good life)
(With a good time) feelings

CHORUS: (repeat & fade)

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