Storybook Life

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Blessid Union Of Souls feat. 3XL

Storybook Life
I saw this hottie staring right at me
She kinda looks like that chick that did that video with Tommy Lee
Oh man is she coming over´ I gotta...
Get this show on the road yea yea yea
She said "Where have I seen you before
And if you didn´t like that one well I got about 20 more
I need a mack diggedy daddy, ta take me out in his caddy
And we can kick it till the briggedy briggedy break a dawn"
I said "It sounds like fun, but I ain´t widdit"
"But if you´re a good boy I just might let you uhh-ummm"
"Hold my hand because I ain´t about the wham bam thank you ma´am
I hope ya understand that..."

I don´t want Britney tonight
And Salma, yea she´s alright
And I´ve seen Buffy and she don´t slay me
Cause baby you´re just the type
I´ll stay up and talk to all night
Would you be the star in my storybook life
My storybook life

I drove her home and she was feeling kinda frisky
I told her nighty night and then she asked if she could kiss me
She said, "Don´t you wanna spend the night".
And then she bit me on the ear I felt like I was in a Tyson fight
Oh God she´s losin´ control now...So I said...
I just want someone to hold, yea yea yea

Mariah, she ain´t for me
That brunette on V.I.P.
She don´t hold a candle to you
Cause baby you´re just the type
I´ll stay up and talk to all night
Would you be the star in my storybook life

Baby you´re just the type
I can talk to all night
Be the star in my storybook life

Sabrina, Felicity
Meg Ryan, I won´t lose sleep
You can keep your Halle Berry
Cause baby you´re just the type
For this show "Mrs. Right"
You can be the star in my storybook life
In my storybook life
This is my storybook life

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