Dream Escape

Added: 17.01.2010
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Description / lyrics
What is real´ What is a dream´
Are dreams and reality one and the same´
No more roles for me to play.
The curtain falls and darkness takes me away.
in a cell I scream all through the night,
No one hears my cries.
Held prisoner of my own mind.
Too blind to see behind my own eyes.

Ride the mind´s eye,
Come balance on the edge of reality.
Ride the nightmare,
Come open the doors of insanity.

Puppets on a string, life is but a dream.
Magic in the air, feel it everywhere,
What am I to care´
Take a ride with me, come along you´ll see.
Fantasy is real close your eyes and feel,
That is if you darel
Anything you want, everything you need.
You can have it all, but beware the fall
Back into reality.

When the pieces start to fall,
Your whole world crumbles away.
This time it´s gone too far.
Unreal thoughts qou believe are taking you,
Taking you away.

In this world of darkness, forever floating on and on,
Dreams I experience too strong to control
Lead me on a journey of no return.

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