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Well he´s the king of fashion in his neighborhood,
With his ripped blue jeans and a flannel shirt.
His got a well kept mullet and a packet of smokes,
And his mates will all tell ya he´s a real top bloke.
Well his real name is Barry, but his mates call him Bazza.
And his girlfriend´s name is Sharon, but you can just call her Shazza.
She´s a real top Sheila, a real top sort,
She´ll even change your stubby while your watching sport.

But don´t victimize him for his way of life,
He´s sick and tired of hearing people say...

Nobody likes, nobody likes, nobody likes a bogan.
Nobody likes, nobody likes, nobody likes a bogan.

He drives a VK Commodore with alloy wheels,
With a home made spoiler made from crappy steel.
His got a pair of fluffy dice and all the other toys,
But his No Fear sticker is his pride and joy.
On a Saturday night the boys hit the town.
Yeah they´re cruising the streets with all their windows down.
They put on some Barnsey and they´re on their way,
You can hear the car coming from a mile away

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