Higher Heights

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Jah Beautiful Land

Oh Yeaaa

People! The hour! The hour is at hand!
We can come together now rise up and take a stand
Because we got the powers yes! To stop those wild mungers

Though they try to divide us all Jah love has to conquer
We got the powers yes! Together we will be so much stronger.
And the Babylon's stem won't be able to stand any longer

Acquisition of material things Won't satisfy your soul
Only Jah love is everlasting It never leaves us in the cold
But its ashamed to see Mother Earth and her Children being bought and sold
Some of them say things have changed They still remain the same As in the days of those pirates of old!

How good and how pleasant it is When we dwell in unity and love
It's as precious as the rains As the dew from the mountains above
I would fly to the hills and be at rest If I had the wings of a dove
But since I have no wings I hear the voice of a supplication

For truth and for rights For peace and for love
We need justice justice justice
But i know some won't want to discuss this
what's this what's this what's this

The power! Is in your hands!
To chase our corruption To heal this Beautiful land
Jah Beautiful Land

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