I Could Have Been You

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Take, take a look at the sky
Sometimes your heaven seems to far away
Take, take a look under here
Where deprivation turns into decay
I´ve stood under this rain, felt it seep into my brain
I´ve shut my eyes and crawled around this mud
I´m scared of growin´ old, I shiver when I´m cold
Don´t you think I bleed the same blood´

I, I could´ve been you, you could´ve been me
One small change that shapes your destiny
If you want the proof, cut me and you´ll see
I could´ve been you, you could´ve been me

Wait, wait before you turn off
Maybe there´s a chance we can relate
Wait, everybody turns on
Why deny a fact that´s so innate´
It´s not so easy anymore, the way you used to keep score
Not so black and white, the color of your sin
Take a walk inside my shoes, a path I didn´t choose
Spend the night inside of my skin


Change is turning into fear, fear is melting into hate
With hate you justify your crime, a crime compassion can erase

Touch, touch what I feel
And know I believe everything I say
So go, go if you must
Remember one thing as you walk away:


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