Prodigal Funk

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Ooowee, who to believe´

Father´s turned into a child

Oh Lord have mercy on me

Oh please look through my eyes

Look through my eyes, it´s no surprise

Oh why do they treat you badly´

When you sleep slaves know they´re free

Your pain is killing me

Your shadow weeps in my room

Weeps in my room, you aged too soon

And now´ It´s the prodigal funk

No-one knows where it´s come from

One wish one last fools wish

Please show the blinded road, the blinded road

And then I´ll go

Ooowe, who to believe´

Mothers turned into fear

Oh Lord have mercy on me

Tell feeling to pull us near, to pull us near

I promise I won´t compare

And now´ A strangers at my door

Offering me money to say some more

Should I take the gold and run´

Or should I play the prodigal funk, the prodigal funk

See me gone

Upon your crown of beautiful white hair

I cried on

My tears flowed where flowers don´t dare

To lie on or die on

Because they know that

Wherever the thruth is born

The day will come

Some say that black is despair

But you shine on

Some say Africa´s going nowhere

You proved them wrong, them wrong

Cos they know wherever the truth is born

The day will come, the day will come, the day will come.

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