Bert Ernie 2

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Bert Ernie 2

Another Bert and Ernie Singalong

thanks to Charles Evans (cee1@ra.MsState.Edu)

[The arrowed lines are from memory, because I did not hit REC on the VCR

fast enough . . .]

> [E. walks in with pot and plops it on B.´s head]


> E: Here Bert, try this on!

> B: Hey, hey, Ernie, what are you doing? Get that pot off my head! Why?

> E: Well haa, ya see Bert, a little while ago, I dropped and broke the

> cookie jar.

> B: Oh, Ernie, you didn´t!

> E: Mmm hmmm.

B: Oh well, all right, so you broke the cookie jar, but what´s it gotta do

with that pot there, huh?

E: Well you see, I had to put the cookies somewhere...

B: Yeah?

E: Bert, um... just a second. I... I... I´ll show you, Bert.

B: [looks at camera] I don´t understand.

E: [brings in sugar bowl with cookies] See, I broke the cookie jar and so I

had to put the cookies in the sugar bowl, see? [takes a taste of one]

B: Well... yeah, Ernie, but but if you put the cookies in the sugar bowl,

then where´d ya put the sugar?

E: Well, I´ll show you, Bert! [famous Ernie hmm] Hmm hmm hmm [leaves with

bowl and Bert looks at camera]

B: Ya show me. [does the famous head tilt]

E: Ok, well you see, I put the sugar in the flower pot here.

B: In the flower pot?! Oh great... just great. Well _where´d_ you put the

flower that was growing there, huh?

E: Oh I´ll show you, Bert! [takes away the pot]

B: Ya gonna show me again... I don´t get this.

E: [brings in milk bottle and flower] Ya see, I had to plant this flower here

into this milk bottle, see... nicely planted, I watered it and everthing.

B: [Looking very stunned] [E. looks straight into camera all proud, shaking

his head about his nose] ERNIE!!!! [Shaking head]

[ Muppets Lyrics are found on ]
E: [Calmly] Hmm?

B: Well now WHERE is the milk?!

E: Oh, I´ll show you, Bert.

B: [E. leaves] Ya gonna show me where the milk is too. Oh Ernie, I ...

[looks at E. returning with a root beer bottle.. stunned]

E: See I put the milk into the, uh, soda bottle

B: [Gets close to E. in quiet voice gradually getting louder] Ernie... I´m

trying to be patient, but __where__ is the soda??

E: Oh just a second, Bert, I´ll show you... [calmly as usual, Bert getting

more stunned and irritated gives out his famous]

B: Aaaaaaahhhh!

E: [Brings in the soda-filled fishbowl] It wasn´t easy, but I put the soda in

the [straining] mmm fishbowl

B: In the fishbowl?! Ernie, this is CRAZY!! Now where are the fish?!?

E: Oh... well, I´ll show you, Bert. [even calmer than before]

B: [stares into camera as E. leaves for a few seconds and ...] Ooohhhh,

Ernie, what are you doing now? [Mouth wider than ever in shock]

E: Oh, I gotta carry it out here, Bert... I put the fish in... to... the

cowboy hat, ya see.

B: [looks down into hat as fish squirts water in B.´s face] Oh, no... Eeeyah!

[wipes faces stands there with mouth firmly closed very angry]

E: [points calmly at fish in hat] Take it easy there, fella.

B: [angrily] Ernie, Ernie, that is MY cowboy hat...

E: Yeah, so? [VERY calmly]

B: But ya, you but the fish in it, Now what am I gonna do when I wanna play


E: Oh, umm, well [reaches for pot and puts it on B.´s head] Ride em cowboy,

Bert! [pats Bert on back] [E.´s patented laugh] Keheeheeheehee

[End music begins with Bert standing there as usual, and Ernie leaving.

There was one neat trick done in it, at the end when Ernie put the pot

on Bert´s head (probably at the beginning.. which I didn´t see). You

know how Ernie´s hands are real and the person´s arm go in at his

elbows, which are always below the counter/stage, but to get the pot

on the head, the hand person, had to make a quick .. nicely-done move

behind Bert and up with the pot.. with Elbow behind Bert so Ernie´s

hand is up in the air with nothing showing.

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