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The Intro

Jumpsteady:(Green and Pearl White Grass- Lighting Flashes Deep Red Forest- Star
Showers, Book 4- Chapter go, Love 4 once)

A presence can be felt by those who have followed thy epic saga as told by thy
Insane Clown Posse. It is a oresence that is sunonumous with thy crumbling of
time itself. Thus emerges a being so powerful that he can exist between both
the land of the living, and that of the dead. He goes by many names but is
known to thy living only as thy Wraith. He walks upon worlds forgotten, and
descends from hevens; fade into gray to witness thy death of all mortal things,
so that he nay guide thy departed upon that they have chosen (shangri-la). Here
is the story of thy path to Shangri-la, thy 6th jokers card. Only now will we
truly understand thy meaning of thy saga, for this saga all along, each jokers
card, is actually, none onther than... thy echo of our lives.

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