Blind Lemon Jefferson

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Description / lyrics
Blind Lemon Jefferson is a-coming
Tap tap tappin with his cane
Blind Lemon Jefferson is a-coming
Tap tap tappin with his cane
His last ditch lies down the road of trials
Down the road of trials
Half filled with rain

O Sycamore, Sycamore!
Stretch your arms across the storm
Down fly two greasy brother-crows
They hop´n´bop They hop´n´bop They hop´n´bop
Like the tax-man come to call
They go knock knock! Knock knock!
Hop´n´bop hop´n´bop
They slap a death-writ on his door

Here come the Judgement train
Git on board!
And turn that big black engine home
O let´s roll!
Let´s roll!
Down the tunnel
The terrible tunnel of his world
Waiting at his final station
Like a bigger blacker third bird
O let´s roll!
Let´s roll!

O his road is dark and lonely
He don´t drive no Cadillac
O his road is dark and holy
He don´t drive no Cadillac
If that sky serves as his eyes
Then that moons a cataract

Let´s roll!
Yeah let´s roll!

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