Hey Stupid

Added: 02.06.2009
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(Alice Cooper cover)

Hey bro, take it slow
You ain´t livin´ in a video
You´re flying low with a high velocity
No doubt, you´re stressin´ out
That ain´t what rock n´ roll´s about
Tet off that one way trip down lonely street

Now i know you´ve been kicked around
You ain´t alone in this ugly town
You stick a needle in your arm
You bite the dust, you buy the farm

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey stupid
Ehat ya tryin´ to do
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey stupid
They win you lose
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey stupid

C´mon girl, it´s a better day
Get your foot out of that grave
Don´t let that one love tear your world apart
C´mon babe, kick that stuff
Show the street it ain´t so tough
Quit lyin´ around with a crippled, broken heart

Now i know you´ve been seeing red
Don´t put a pistol to your head
Sometimes your answer´s heaven sent
Your way is so damn permanent

This ain´t your daddy talkin´
You know, i know
Your story ain´t so shocking
You know, y know
Blow some steam
C´mon and scream

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