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this life can make me so confused but it´s alright
living day by day I feel so used that ain´t right
I just wanna run and hide
I don´t have the time to cry it´s alright (it´s alright)


many thoughts are running through my head, it´s alright
wishing to be somewhere else but here, it´s alright
I can´t wait to see your face
I need a smile and your embrace, and I´m alright


life can bring us through many changes
just don´t give up
it´s gonna be alright
people come and they go
it´s just the way that it goes

sometime the rain it makes me sad and it´s alright
some things in the world make me mad and it´s alright
in the morning when I see the sun I know I´m not the only one
its alright


wish I had some money to pay my bills
I can´t even buy that dress on sale but it´s alright
having money don´t mean a thing
loving you is everything
I´m alright

(life can bring us through many changes
just don´t give up
it´s gonna be alright
people come and they go
that´s just the way that it goes)

everything is everything

it´s alrig

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