Twiztid (Intro)

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Description / lyrics
Gather round children as we come together
To make up the undesirable, mortal worthlessness
We are the down trodden, forgotten stains in the pavement
The disfigured shadows cast by the moon on the hollowed cemetary grounds
It is a shame that it had to come to this
But in the course of battle
There´s never time too worse the casualties of war
Only to take action
If you stand not by my side
I have no choice but to assume that you stand against me
And woe is he who dons the title of my enemy
For their suffering will be eternal in the depths of hell
Which side are you on´
There´s a war being raised on the streets as well as in my mind
We must rise up, overcome, and take back what´s ours
Ladies and Gentleman it gives me grave pleasure
To bring to you old school Twiztid

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