Thin Line Between Love And Hate

Added: 24.08.2008
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*It´s a thin line between love and hate
It´s a thin line between love and hate
It´s five o´clock in the morning
And you´re just getting in
A knock upon the door
A voice sweet and low says (who is it´)
She opens up the door
And she lets you in
And never once does she say
"Where have you been´"
She says,"Hold it,
Are you hungry,did you eat yet,
Let me hang up your coat now"
And all the time she´s smiling
Never raises her voice
It´s five o´clock in the morning
And you don´t give it a second thought (*Repeat)
The sweetest woman in the world
Could be the meanest woman in the world
If you make her be that way
She might be holding something in
That´s really gonna hurt you
One of these fine days
There you are in the hospital
Bandaged from foot to head
In a state of shock
That much from bein´ dead
You didn´t think your woman
Could do something like that to you
You didn´t think she´d got the nerve
Actions speak louder than words
Louder than words Louder than words
Louder than words,come on
Come on,baby,baby
If you won´t give a damn about me
Come on baby,bay
You don´t really care about me
Hear what I say
Hear what I say

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