Ten Dollar Man

Added: 14.01.2008
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Description / lyrics
(Gibbons, Hill, Beard) 3:42

Mr. ten dollar man with that gold in your hand
Comin´ round here after sunlight
With your peaches and your pream
And your rollin magazine
Tellin´ me you´ll make me feel alright
You gonna make me feel alright

Mr. ten dollar man with a girl by the hand
Will this ten spot take her away´
With his slaver´s finance he winked,
Said take a chance
Don´t you know it happens every day
I said it happens every day

Mr. ten dollar man with that gun in your hand
Could I get a case of those tonight
And now you´ve got the order, it´s time
To slip the border
Don´t you know it happens every day
I said it happens every day

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