La Dulcinea

Added: 26.06.2010
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Description / lyrics
There´s no sense in coming to your senses
Our best ideals walk on barbed-wire fences
All blood runs thin when reality dispenses
Tall tales unfold
And peasant becomes princess

We don´t all have vision but some of us can see
The sweet dulcinea rapt in everything
I´ve made my decision; delirious and free
We don´t all have vision but some of us can see
I saw you there

Winnowing the black wheat, singing a dry dusty song
Flat as the hulls at your feet
Mi Aldonza
In your hardened features
Nothing replete, neither coy nor splendid
All rags and cursing in the white heat

Conoci con mi aldonza y yo no la queria
Traigame mi guia

Get me far from this place
But oh too late, too familiar
Leave me linger with this dark face


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