Too Soon To Say Goodbye

Added: 05.05.2008
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Description / lyrics
Too soon to say goodbye, my dear,
Too soon to let you go,
Too soon to say auf Wiedersehen,
Au revoir, no, no.

Too soon to say goodbye, my dear,
Too soon to rest my case,
Too soon to start another journey,
When we’ve just won the race.

Not while the lanterns and chandeliers,
Sway in the pale moonlight,
Not while the shimmer of far and near,
Holds us both so tight.

Too soon to say goodbye, my dear,
Too soon the tide will rise,
But not till it reaches another shore,
Will I ever say goodbye.

Not while the music and fireworks,
Sing down the hill to the sound,
Not while the girls in their summer gowns,
Are dancing round and round.

La la,la la, la la, la la,
La la, la la, la la.
La la, la la, la la, la la,
La la la la la.

Too soon to see the world beyond,
I’m willing to be late,
Let’s stay right here beneath the stars,
Let the voyage wait.

‘Cause it’s too soon, too soon,
Too soon to say goodbye,
Too soon.

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