Chasing Sirens

Added: 07.08.2009
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Description / lyrics
If you need to change your style sometimes
To please and satisfy
They´ll call you a hypocrite
You´re giving birth to all new friends
Visions they´ll never comprehend
Because they´re all so selfish

Everyone look at me chasing sirens
Demanding their attention
So Selfish
Trying to discover what´s wrong with my mind

So they started to upheaval
But you prompted the war
You´re still a hypocrite
Snapping the sleepers into motion
So their systems will change
Right now you´re giving up but let me show you

You like to be the center of attention don´t you
Under the spell of another phase
So pretentious
Plastic uninvited
Don´t you fnd it strange
How they wear their egos on their sleeves
Until they see your face
Don´t you find it strange
How they wear their egos on their sleeves
Until they see your face

This day should last forever
Stuck on the merry go around
Keep spinning, never want to come down
So selfish

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