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I wish it was someone elses blood on the jonnie.
It´s in my mouth and under my nails.
I wish i´d woken up in someone elses bed.
Wish i was the wind in someone elses sails.

I´ve no-one in particular in mind right now.
It was inevitable we´d end up in the sack.
I should have known you´d want to try again.
But i´m looking forward now
I´m not stepping back.

My last lover´s playing with a new man now.
It´s only three weeks we´ve been apart.
They sat together and he sent her flowers.
Well he can fucking keep that fickle disco tart.

´cause i´ve had it up to here with little girls.
She looked ugly today day, smoking her fag.
Just like a schoolgirl trying to look grown-up.
Now i´m looking for a woman but i´ll settle for a shag.

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